Growing the Food We Eat

Food grown at Welcome Table Farm is selected based on what we like to eat. And the "we" is the combined preference of the farmers and shoppers, the growers and eaters. Over our twelve seasons of farming we've refined a list 60 some vegetables that both thrive in our climate and are favored in kitchen and at table. Food is picked at the right maturity, washed well, and cooled in our root cellar or walk-in cooler. We harvest most perishable items within 24 hours of sale, ensuring that they are fresh upon arrival to your home and will last until you are ready to eat them. Our farm is certified organic through the Washington State Department of Agriculture. You can trust that all of our products are pesticide free and grown in nutrient rich soils.

Farming=land+plants+people+problem solving 

Every year the circle around the sun takes us through such interesting territory of growth, change, good food, and beautiful flowers. Join us in the annual journey! 

  • 2019 marks our 13th season.  We feel blessed to care for such beautiful land, to be supported by such dedicated customers, and to get to undertake ever changing, creative, challenging, outdoor work. 

  • We were draft horse powered for our 1st decade and are now exploring tractor power to maximize farm efficiency, safety, and joy. A "new" Farmall Cub tractor joined our fleet in 2017. We use a modern Kabota for managing manure and turning compost, maintaining high quality, homegrown fertility. 

  • We dedicate ourselves to learning and using sustainable growing practices and in 2015 became Certified Organic through Washington State Department of Agriculture. 

  • In 2011 we purchased our forever home of 25 acres on Yellowhawk Creak that has dreamy soil, a refreshing swimming hole, and our cozy home. 

  • We share our knowledge by training people who want to farm how to farm. We partner with Whitman College to support Environmental Studies interns. We offer fieldtrips to local schools. 

  • Our own family has grown to include three beautiful children savvy to insects, plants, eating field fresh food, and chores. They keep their parents committed to working reasonable hours and enjoying the creek on hot days.